combine team member calendars in one profile

manage lots of bookings at the same time - requires paid plan

How does it work?

You have a calendar for each member of the team. Then you tell us the name (and perhaps photo and description) for each. We present the choice to your clients at the start of the booking process. Or you can give them a 'no preference' option.

Why Do You Need It?

Either you need to organize a team of people who all need to be bookable, or perhaps you have a set of resources (like meeting rooms, or bits of equipment) that can each be booked separately.

How to use this feature

The first step to getting this feature working is to make sure each team member has a calendar that is shared with the calendar account you have integrated with YCBM. This might mean you need to create a calendar for each person (or thing) that you want to include. If the team are all using Google or iCloud accounts themselves, they can share their calendar with your account at the level of 'make changes to events' and you will be ready to go.

Things work best when you have a calendar for each bookable resource that you need to manage. You don't need calendars for 'types' of bookings for example. Whether it is people, or physical things, think one calendar = one resource.

On the side, activate this feature by checking the box at the top of the 'teams' tab in your settings.

Choose the first calendar from the dropdown and the name field will be filled in. Click the button to add new team members until you have them all set up.

Consider adding a short description and perhaps a photo to make the menu page easier to use. Additionally, you have the option of specifying an email address for each member of the team. This won't be shown to people making bookings (unless you want it to be). But having an email address gives you the chance later to CC them when we send out booking and cancellation alerts.

Ordering the Team

Once you have the team set up, you might want to rearrange the order they appear in. To do this, just click the little minus sign on the right of any expanded team member. This will then show a double headed arrow for each one. Grab that with your mouse to move it up or down to its new position.

No Preference

This powerful feature allows you to show the full availability of the whole team folded together. With the check boxes at the top of the tab you can either include the 'no preference' choice alongside the other team member names, or you can assume that this will always be the case - effectively skipping the 'choose a person' step.

When you use this, the start times that are presented are all those possible, considering the entire team. This works particularly well for your clients who need to have an appointment at the right time, rather than with a particular person. They get to see the widest range of possible start times.