change your fonts, colours and style to match your brand

Our technology, your style - requires paid plan

How does it work?

Under the 'Appearance' tab you will find all the options to change the fonts and colours that the default themes are based on. At the moment you can't change the background colour unless you do it directly via the CSS (see below).

Why Do You Need It?

Your customers are your customers - not ours. With the level of customization we offer, your users won't even know YouCanBook.Me is powering things ... it all feels like making a booking direct with your team.

How to use this feature

edit the themes

We've got a number of templates to choose from under 'themes'. Just click the radio button to try each out.

edit the headers and footers

You can add a 'header' and 'footer' which will be displayed on each page. For example, add something like this to your header...

Click here to go back to our main site

... with your main web address instead of "example", to allow people to navigate that way if they choose.

edit the colours and fonts

On the colors tab, you can set the main color scheme for your booking grid. Just click in one of the boxes, then click anywhere on the color wheel to choose the right shade. If you know the HTML code for the color you need, you can also just type that into the box (starting with a "#" symbol).

One the fonts tab, start first by clicking the link to preview your choices (from the Google Webfonts Project and then simply make your selections using the dropdowns.

Using Markdown and CSS

Standard Markdown tags will work well on all the text boxes / custom email messages. Markdown is usually easiest to format pages quickly to make your text bold and italicised.

Find out more about how Markdown works here. You can also change much of the CSS in how our grids display - find out more about what CSS is.

You already get a range of differently styled themes for your grid - but if you want to make specific changes to use a particular font or colour then you need to get access to the full range of controls to get it the way you want.