Controlling Google Calendar booking reminders

create default settings for your booking reminders on Google events

How does it work?

You set a rule on your settings saying how many email reminders should be sent to you by Google for your bookings. When we take a new booking for you, the corresponding reminders will be added to the new event. You can find out more about how reminders work in Google in this help video.

Why Do You Need It?

Google lets you set up a chain of reminders for different calendar events to help you make sure you don't miss anything. You might want an email the day before, followed by a text message on the day, followed by a popup on your screen just as the event begins.

How to use this feature

Google offers two types of reminders on their event objects: emails and pop ups (they discontinued SMS reminders 27th June 2015).

The settings on the side are on our 'reminders' > 'Google' tab:

You can see the result of you configuration by looking at the bottom left of the edit page for the newly created event on the Google side:

You can also set global reminders on the Google side: cog-symbol > 'settings' > 'calendars' > 'notifications and reminders'.

Google allows you to create different kinds of reminders through their Calendar interface. We offer a simple way to set these up for your booking events.