automatic rebook

see you again next week? - requires paid plan

How does it work?

The rebook button allows you to quickly and easily make an additional appointment for your clients, without filling in the booking form every time. It will only work by users who are logged in to their YCBM account so they can access the booking data (we don't hold or make this data available externally to users).

Why Do You Need It?

Don't rely on people remembering to make their next appointment. The rebook button allows you to schedule it while they are with you - ensuring they come back!

How to use this feature

rebook your client, here and now, with no extra details required,

The rebook feature allows you to book someone in again after an appointment has been made - without going through the process of filling in the booking form again.

This isn't a rescheduling of an existing appointment. This is for another appointment in the future, rather than a replacement one.

A good use case would be if someone has come in for an appointment. At the end of the session, the person is still in your office and you say "I'll need to see you again in 2 weeks. Shall we book the appointment now?"

You can then go back to your account's Today's Bookings page and click on the rebook button next to the appointment that has just happened.

That brings up the option of booking onto a different profile if you have more than one on your account, and then takes you straight to the grid to find a time for the next appointment. And then it's complete - the booking form will be pre-filled for you.

Want people to suggest a couple of appointment times at once?

Another way people use the 'rebook' feature is in conjunction with our tentative feature. This gives people the ability to suggest more than one appointment time.

This works by adding the 'rebook' code to the message at the end of a tentative booking, where it says 'to suggest another time, book again' and the same code will bounce them back to the booking grid without them having to fill in their same details.

This works because the system temporarily holds their booking data for 5 minutes just after they've booked - so it wouldn't work if they returned to their screen after this time. If you are on a paid plan and want to have this set up, contact our support team and they can let you know how to do it.

Immediately book your clients for another appointment in the future.