send your notification emails via your Gmail

dodge the spam filters

How does it work?

You nominate your Gmail account as the account you'd like all of your notification emails (that's confirmations, reminders and follow-up emails) to come from. We send those emails out automatically to your clients as usual, but they come directly from you.

Why Do You Need It?

Integrating Gmail is a great way to improve your email delivery rates. As notification emails come via your own email address, they are far less likely to end up in your clients' spam folders, meaning fewer no-shows due to missed emails. You'll also be able to view the emails in your own outbox, so you can see exactly who received which notifications and when.

How to use this feature

Go to the gear symbol at the top right corner of the page and select Integrations from the dropdown menu.

Click on 'integrate with additional service' and select Gmail. You will be redirected to your Google account page. Select the Gmail address you'd like the emails to come from (it doesn't have to be the same as your account email address), and accept the permissions:

You will get a confirmation message and your emails will start going out via your Gmail account. You will be able to see them in your Outbox. Any "Out of office" replies or bounce back messages will be delivered straight to you so you will know if a client hasn't received an email for any reason.

Custom 'from' address

If you have set a custom 'from' address on the Afterwards tab > 'email to user',

it will be overriden by this option; all emails will be sent from the account you selected for gmail integration.

Send your notification emails via your Gmail account, improving delivery rates and giving you more control over the emails that go out to your clients.