configurable booking forms

ask just the questions you need

How does it work?

Our system includes a fully-featured form builder. You are free to add, edit and rearrange questions just as you need.

Lots of different question types are supported. This allows you to ask, name, email, phone number, multiple choice questions, drop downs, and add paragraphs of texts. You can also make these fields 'compulsory' (such as when agreeing to terms and conditions).

When your client goes to book, before they confirm the booking, they will see this form and fill it out with whatever information you require. You to ask up to 5 custom fields (paid plans can have an unlimited number of questions).

Why Do You Need It?

Every business is different. Only you know exactly what specific information you need when people make bookings.

As we give you complete control over the booking form, you can shape the interaction to make perfect sense for your users.

How to use this feature

Your booking form is made up of a sequence of items. You can add as many as you need and rearrange them as you wish. Some items on the form will be questions of different types (simple text questions, paragraph style text boxes, multiple choice, etc.) while others will be supporting information about the booking and sections of helpful text.

The items appear as a sortable list. To rearrange them, just click and drag from the up-and-down arrows icon on the right. Expand and collapse items as you need to work on them by clicking on the plus and minus icons also on the right (you need to collapse an item before you can move it in the list).

Expand an item to make changes to it.

The dropdown list at the top of the expanded area controls what 'type' the item will be. See below for help with each type.

Enter the text of the question you want to ask into the 'text before' box. Sometimes, you will also want to include some text in the 'text after' box. This allows you to build a question like this:

Two other settings that most of the question types share are the 'required field' checkbox and the 'shorthand code'. The first of these simply adds the standard red asterisk to any question - no booking can be made without an answer being supplied. The 'shorthand code' is a very powerful feature, although it has no effect on the booking process as your users will see it. Enter a simple string of characters here to describe the question you are asking. For example, if you are asking for the a first name, consider a code of FNAME. This will give you an easy way to refer back to this information later (for example, you could start your confirmation and reminder emails with Dear {FNAME} {SNAME},).

On Free plans, you are limited to 5 custom fields (any default fields we might add like 'price' and 'duration' don't count towards this total)

Available booking form fields - part of free plans

Simple one-line question

The simplest type of question. The user just gets to enter a single line of text.

Paragraph question

For longer answers, which might be spread over several lines. These are good for addresses or 'please enter more detail' type questions.

Block of text

Use this to add extra information to your booking form. Simply add text into the 'before' box, or split it between the before and after boxes to format it slightly differently.

This is one place where you might want to take advantage of our Markdown support, for example to include a heading, image or link.

Multiple choice

Enter the list of choices in the text box - one option on a line. You can set the choice to be either dropdown lists, radio buttons or a set of checkboxes. Select 'checkboxes' to allow the user to choose more than one of your options.

Email address

This is included by default in your booking form. The answer needs to be one or more email addresses (separated by spaces or commas). If you don't include at least one email address on your form, the system will not be able to send out any confirmation or reminder emails for you.

Phone number

There's a number of options for how the number will be validated and managed. If you know all your users will be in North America, you will want to specify the standard 3-3-4 digits format. Elsewhere in the world, you might want to specify the country and optionally allow the user to change it. This matters most of all if you set the number as a mobile. If you do this, we need to know which country the number will be in, as their answer will be used when sending out any SMS confirmation or reminder. Again, if you want to send out this kind of message, you need to have at least one mobile phone question on your booking form.

Start Time

This will show the time and date that the person chose on the previous page. You can change the label to anything that makes sense for your users, e.g. "Your appointment will start at:"

End Time

This automatically calculates the end time of the booking.


For fixed length bookings, this will simply quote the duration in hours and minutes. But if you have a variable length duration, this will present a dropdown box showing the range of durations that are available for the selected start time.


The system can calculate a price for you based on a number of factors. See the payments tab for more information. This item will simply display the price to the user.

Dividing Line

To break up a long form, you might want to add a dividing line or two between sections.

Available booking form fields - part of upgraded plans


This question type works with our 'units per slot' feature on the advanced tab. See the help page for that item for more information.

Service and Team, Name and Description

When using our services or teams feature, you can use these item types to dynamically include information from the user's choices.

The system includes a fully featured 'form builder' so that you can build a booking form that allows you to ask up to 5 custom fields (paid plans can have an unlimited number of questions).