manage 30 separate accounts or integrated Calendar Accounts via one dashboard

business users get a dashboard to view all integrated calendar accounts and separate YCBM accounts (up to 30 of each) - requires business plan

How does it work?

All you need to do is upgrade just one account on your domain to our Business level. It doesn't matter which account you upgrade. You can then select up to 30 other accounts on the same domain that will be added to your Dashboard and automatically upgraded to our Professional level.

Why Do You Need It?

Smaller and medium-sized organizations might only need a single Professional level account as this includes the ability to manage a team of people. But larger organizations could find forcing everything through just one account has its limitations. For example, a Business level upgrade might help your team avoid having to share all their calendars with a central administrator.

How to use this feature

Once your account is upgraded to Business level, you'll be able to search for any account on our system with the same domain name as yours (This must be an organization-specific domain name. It's not possible to do this with accounts that are,,, for example).

All these accounts will be listed under the email address they were created with, in a drop down, under your 'Account' page. (If you're not able to find one, get in touch with us and we can track it down for you!)

To connect an account, select it from the dropdown, and the system will apply the upgraded status.

You'll be able to see and track every account you've connected (and disconnect if you need to) on the same page.

You will be able to see and access all the profiles of all the connected accounts on your Dashboard:

If you need more than 3 separate Professional accounts within your organization then it would be worth moving to our Business-level account, which allows up to 30 separate accounts (all on the same domain) to benefit from all our upgraded features.